R2B2 and C3BO - PIN Cracking Robots

After I saw Justin Engler's talk at DEF CON 21 on creating a phone-PIN cracking delta robot, I set out to gain the expertise that would enable me to build one of my very own.  Also teased in the talk was an alternate robot that would accomplish a similar task with much less mechanical action.  This page contains links to all my research and attempts to recreate both.

R2B2 - Robotic Reconfigurable Button Basher

Presented at Blackhat, demoed at DEF CON 21 and written up in Forbes, R2B2 was fueled by grudging respect for interns.  It has matured into a tool that presses phone buttons fast, and reliably.  For my part, recreating it has involved learning 3D Printing, robotics, Arduino, OpenCV (computer vision), python and a large amount of math.  The ultimate goal is to press buttons on more than just capacitive touch devices.
  1. It's alive!  I construct my own R2B2
  2. This build is on hold while I complete my own C3BO

C3BO - Capacitive Cartesian Coordinate Bruteforcing Overlay

The more enigmatic cousin to R2RB, C3BO promised less moving parts and a less intimidating build.  Unfortunately, plans fell short of a working prototype in time for DEF CON.  I became intrigued at the possibilities after seeing a demonstration of an Arduino-controlled bot that played the iPad game Timberman.  The relays and sticky copper contacts provide the ability to overlay the screen called for by Justin's original design.  My hope is that I can refine the relay-based design, create a kit, and make it as easy to reproduce as its delta-bot cousin.
  1. Translating the Timbermanbot
  2. Taking Shape: A Perfboard Prototype


  • Justin Engler, @justinengler, for the DEF CON talk that inspired it all.  Also, for stopping by the Hardware Hacking Village and helping me get the Timbermanbot prototype off the ground.
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