Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Table Saw Tune-up Checklist

Tools Needed

  • Wrench to remove blade
  • Dial Indicator
  • Ruler
  • Vacuum
  • Compressor
  • Dry Lubricant
  • Top Cleaner
  • Scouring Pad
  • Top Wax (Paste Wax)
  • Emery cloth
  • Center punch and hammer\


  • Blow out the motor
  • Clean out the inside of the saw.  You’ll thank me later.
  • Check the stability of the stand and any table extensions.  Tighten or replace
  • Arbor: Sideways movement (Bearings)
  • Arbor: Rotate and check with Dial Indicator
  • Arbor Washer: burrs, bends, blemishes
  • Blade: Good fit on Arbor, hole is centered, doesn’t wobble
  • Pulley and Belt: High Spots, fraying, worn spots, cuts, cracks
  • Plug in saw
  • Belt while saw is on: Doesn’t climb the pulleys, straight travel
  • If Belt Replacement suggested, Segmented belt?
  • Pulleys: Aligned on center? Ruler runs between?
  • Pulleys: If cast, is the hole drilled on center?
  • Square the fence to the table
  • Square the blade to the table using the fence:
    • Raise the blade
    • Move the fence to the blade: Front and back blade tips should touch
    • If not, loosen trunnions underneath table
    • Move blade into alignment
    • Clamp blade between fence and some wood
    • Apply loctite and tighten trunnions
  • While underneath table, clean out worm gears of blade elevator and pitch or angle set
  • Lubricate worm gears with dry grease
  • Tune Mitre Gauge:
    • Polish down tight spots with emery cloth
    • Dimple the guide bar with a center punch to solve loose spots
  • Clean the top to remove paint, stains and finishes
  • Apply a paste wax to the top and leave overnight
  • Clean the blade with a specialty blade cleaner to remove pitch and other residue.

Repeat Regularly

  • Clean blade
  • Blow out motor
  • Wax the top
  • Check for vibration

Distilled from a doc that mentions http://thesawshop.com/