Monday, September 28, 2009

Massive Terrain Dump

Manhole Covers
Storage Tank
Dam Pump House
Dam Turbine
Mechanicus Memorial Tower

Fallen Powerline

Above Miniature Points: 51 (cancels out terrain section from the previous archive post)
Project Ideas Included Below: 50
Current Point Total: -211

I will have pictures of these guys soon. I did this terrain up for a fellow player of mine from stock on hand and buildings he wanted tweaked. I had initially gathered these materials when I decided not to try to amass a whole table's worth of terrain.

I plan on doing some water effects to make an inner-city water channel. It might count as much as 50 points after all included pieces and the new techniques I'm trying. I should have everything I need to do this project, apart from the water effects, so we'll see how soon this happens.

03302: Balthazar Ironfaith, Cleric

Above Miniature Points: N/A (Archive Shot)
Current Point Total: -262