One Fluorescent Beer Coaster

After DEF CON 21's Toxic Barbecue, a few friends stayed behind and talked until well past dusk. As the park grew dark, the lights on our pavilion never came on. We hadn't prepared lanterns (this was a barbecue and not a camp out), but we were still too talkative/hammered to move. The ensuing 'research' lead us to the product detailed in these posts: The OFBC, One Fluorescent Beer Coaster.

The Team

  • Producer and Assembler: The_Bozo
  • Project Manager and Circuit Design: RangerDan, @RenjyaaDan
  • Circuit Troubleshooting: GlassyRye, @GlassyRye
  • 3D Models and Printing: Fox (Spacial Object Replication Wizard 1st Class)
  • Intern: [Name Forgotten]