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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A Slight Diversion...

Pic from the ending of our group's campaign. This is the finale of Cormyr: The Tearing of the Weave where the black dragon monologues about making a deadzone of magic for miles around before getting slaughtered by the PCs. The players started saying, "We're dead, aww crap" as soon as the Gargantuan Black dropped on the table, but it was soon swapped for a more economical Large Steel Dragon as a proxy (wasn't able to get the Large Black Dragon from D&D Minis in time).

This shows a little bit of my DM style: lots of props and terrain. Dungeon Tiles make up most of the room. Plain kid's blocks give elevation and represent simple shapes, the red counters represent sacrifices for the ritual to tear the Weave and are by Chessex. The minis are a mix of Reaper and DnD Minis, some I even painted myself. In the very center is a piece of fabric my wife taught me how to gather to form a rough ball of Weave stuff.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Massive Terrain Dump

Manhole Covers
Storage Tank
Dam Pump House
Dam Turbine
Mechanicus Memorial Tower

Fallen Powerline

Above Miniature Points: 51 (cancels out terrain section from the previous archive post)
Project Ideas Included Below: 50
Current Point Total: -211

I will have pictures of these guys soon. I did this terrain up for a fellow player of mine from stock on hand and buildings he wanted tweaked. I had initially gathered these materials when I decided not to try to amass a whole table's worth of terrain.

I plan on doing some water effects to make an inner-city water channel. It might count as much as 50 points after all included pieces and the new techniques I'm trying. I should have everything I need to do this project, apart from the water effects, so we'll see how soon this happens.