40K - Pholos IV

Originally a forge world of some renown, Pholos was abandoned when biologis experiments in rapid cellulose generation got out of hand. Native species of trees and plants now grow so fast and hardily that basic infrastructure is impossible to maintain for more than a season. Aggressive fungus feasting on the abundant growth fills the air with miasma. The oxygen-rich atmosphere has buoyed genetically engineered feed insects whose hives envelop the towering trees and spawning clouds bring down unwary aircraft.  It should be a death-world, inhospitable to humankind, of no value to the Imperium, forgotten on purpose. But a world so rich cannot be ignored.

The Lords of Mars have sent a contingent to reclaim and renew this world.  The almost limitless source of cellulotic promethium and ironwood fiber will serve the Omnissiah once more.  The Magos Biologis are joined by displaced Knight house Caro Mea eager to walk once more upon their ancestral soil. Servitors, colonists, and sector defense forces have swarmed the world as well.  It will be paradise if they can tame it.

While the new arrivals' thoughts turn to unguents and weapons of war, other dangers awaken in the woods. The Tyranid fleets' many tendrils have entered the system, and they are eager to add genes enabling such horrific growth to their arsenal. Feral orks pillage outlying settlements.  And the verdant prosperity hides more ancient horrors. Dormant webways have been set alight bringing an Exodite migration to defend this crone world, and a still-slumbering threat stirs at the Blackstone heart of the green planet.

"There is no peace amongst the stars, 
only an eternity of carnage and slaughter, 
and the laughter of thirsting gods."